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The experience, executional quality and capabilities of a global agency
jammed into a collaborative 50 person studio with something to prove.


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Carolyn Chandler
Director of User Experience


Jordan Polonsky
Director of Product Design

Heather Brown
Director of Project Management

Since 2008 (10 years!), we’ve worked tirelessly to earn our reputation as one of the top app teams in Chicago and the world.

Our team has published booksfounded meetupstaught classesbeen on panelsmade toolscreated podcasts,  won awards and earned industry respect, but the highest complement has come from our clients who have made us the most & highest rated independently reviewed Mobile App Team in Chicago.

We highlight our Clutch listings because Clutch is independent and doesn’t take payment for it’s rankings or awards. Their reviews are conducted without our participation and the feedback from our Clients is raw and honest.


Organizations from 1 to 8

We’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best teams in the country on some of the most challenging and exciting projects. These teams have gone on to win awards, exceed their KPIs, raise multiple rounds of funding, and IPO. There has been no greater time to be in digital in Chicago.

 *We’ve successfully launched over 500 products, apps, startups and initiatives.

*We’ve successfully launched over 500 products, apps, startups and initiatives.

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