The official app for the premier association of insurance advisors.

"AI is the big term lately, right? We've been doing that since 2017, using machine learning to understand what people are interested in and making educated recommendations. The more that grows, the more we'll invest in it. That's why we need cutting-edge vendors like Eight Bit, who are dealing with these technologies."

Wayne Schmeiser

Director of Digital Experience


Founded in 1927, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), The Premier Association of Financial Professionals®, is a global, independent association of more than 72,000 of the world's leading life insurance and financial services professionals from more than 500 companies in 69 nations and territories.


The prestige of qualifying for MDRT is an accomplishment any insurance agent can be proud of, but being a member of MDRT is so much more. The MDRT Member app is a digital manifestation of the networking opportunities and great thought-leadership that MDRT provides all in your pocket.


MDRT engaged Eight Bit Studios to conceptualize, design, and develop the MDRT Member app. The project aimed to build an innovative app that would serve as a digital hub for MDRT members worldwide.


Aiming to embody "The Total Association Experience" in members' pockets 24/7, the MDRT Member App's enhancement is strategically aligned with MDRT's vision, offering a personalized and community-rich platform.

  • Guided Development Platform Integration: Focused on integrating the app with MDRT's overall strategic plan, facilitating member mentoring and community engagement.

  • Content Delivery and Personalization: Implemented a 'Netflix-like' functionality for engaging content presentation, enhanced with machine learning for personalized recommendations tailored to user interests and demographics, and interactive member tools.

  • Community Building and Networking: Incorporated features for private and large community groups, member-to-member messaging, and goal sharing.

  • Continuous Information Flow: Implemented industry feeds, event updates, and goal setting, making the app a comprehensive tool for professional growth.


The MDRT Member App's has yielded significant results, reinforcing its role as an essential tool for global MDRT members and aligning with the organization's vision for a connected community.

  • Achieved widespread global adoption, with usage spanning 148 countries.

  • Garnered over 40,000 active users, a testament to the app's increased engagement.

  • Recorded higher engagement metrics, including open and click-through rates for push notifications and emails.

  • Enhanced member interaction and community engagement, as indicated by the increased use of community features. 

  • Notable improvements in content views, searches, and overall user interaction, reflecting the app's improved utility and appeal.



Strategic Planning

In this phase, Eight Bit Studios aligned closely with MDRT's vision, ensuring that the app's features met their strategic objectives.

  • Conducted in-depth workshops to understand MDRT's goals and member needs.

  • Developed a roadmap aligning app functionality with MDRT's strategic plan.

  • Created a feature set that resonated with MDRT's vision of community engagement and professional growth.

User-Centric Development

Focusing on the end-user, Eight Bit Studios developed an intuitive and engaging user interface, underpinned by data-driven personalization.

  • Utilized machine learning to analyze user data and tailor the content delivery.

  • Implemented iterative design processes, including prototyping and user testing.

  • Enhanced the user interface for ease of navigation and engaging content interaction.

Community and Networking Focus

Features were specifically designed to nurture a vibrant community of MDRT members and foster collaborative learning.

  • Integrated member-to-member communication tools to enhance networking.

  • Developed group functionalities for shared learning and goal setting.

  • Implemented a community feed to encourage active member participation and engagement.

Ongoing Innovation

Committed to continuous improvement, Eight Bit Studios regularly updated the app, adapting to new industry trends and member feedback.

  • Established a feedback loop with users for ongoing app refinement.

  • Integrated emerging technologies to keep the app at the forefront of digital trends.

  • Conducted regular app evaluations and updates to meet evolving member needs.

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