Streamlining Logistics: EchoDrive's Digital Breakthrough in Truckload Management with Eight Bit Studios

"They blended in right away. Eight Bit Studio had no difficulty understanding what we were trying to do."

Ilhan Kolko

Head of Product & UX, Echo Global Logistics


Echo Global Logistics, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, is a prominent provider of technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management services. With over 30 offices nationwide, Echo specializes in offering comprehensive freight brokerage and Managed Transportation solutions across various modes, including truckload, partial truckload, LTL, intermodal, and expedited services. Utilizing a proprietary, web-based technology platform, Echo effectively compiles and analyzes data from its extensive network of over 40,000 transportation providers. This capability enables Echo to serve a diverse range of industries, streamlining the complex processes involved in transportation management.


The shipping industry, reliant on outdated methods, faced challenges in coordinating between shippers, drivers, and dispatch teams. Echo and Eight Bit Studios embarked on building a modern shipment tracking system to improve communication and coordination.


EchoDrive was envisioned to meet multiple key objectives in the logistics industry. The primary goals included achieving compliance with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate through electronic logging, enhancing truckload visibility to reduce call-center stress, increasing Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipment revenues and volume via a self-serve booking application, and significantly boosting driver engagement as evidenced by beta downloads and active app users. The overarching aim was to drive year-over-year growth from the app's alpha phase to its beta release and eventual launch.


Eight Bit Studios conducted in-depth user research, including on-site interviews with drivers and dispatch officers. They mapped a comprehensive journey, guiding the development of EchoDrive – a web-app for dispatch teams and a native mobile app for drivers. This system facilitated better communication and accurate shipment tracking, including features like:

  • Login and Profiles

  • Communication Platform with shipment tracker, job sharing, and issue reporting

  • Interactive Onboarding Tutorials

  • Invoice and Payment Tracking


The EchoDrive initiative achieved significant milestones, enhancing the efficiency and compliance of logistics operations. Key achievements include:

  • Met ELD Mandate Compliance with electronic logging.

  • Reduced call-center stress by improving truckload visibility.

  • Increased LTL shipment revenues by 16% to $184.4 million from Q4 2019.

  • Achieved a 12% increase in shipment volume, attributed to the self-serve booking application.

  • Engaged drivers effectively, evidenced by 1,000 beta downloads and over 10,000 active drivers on the app.

  • Demonstrated substantial year-over-year growth from the app's Alpha to Beta to Launch phases.

  • Streamlined internal processes and bolstered driver-dispatcher communication, reinforcing Echo's digital strategy.



Discovery: Stakeholder and Internal Workships

In the discovery phase, Eight Bit Studios focused on understanding the intricacies of Echo Global Logistics' operations and the challenges faced in the truckload management sector. The team engaged in:

  • Stakeholder Interviews: Conducting detailed discussions with key stakeholders at Echo Global Logistics to capture their vision, pain points, and expectations from the EchoDrive project.

  • Internal Analysis: Reviewing Echo's existing processes and systems to identify areas for digital enhancement and integration with the proposed EchoDrive solution.

Research - UX Research in Field and User Journey Mapping

This phase was dedicated to gathering real-world insights and mapping user journeys:

  • Field Research: Conducting on-site observations and interviews with drivers and dispatch officers to understand their daily challenges and workflow.

  • User Journey Mapping: Creating comprehensive journey maps that highlighted critical touchpoints, pain points, and opportunities for digital intervention, thus shaping the foundation for EchoDrive's design.

Approach 3: Branded Suite of Digital Products

The creation of a cohesive and engaging brand identity was crucial:

  • Naming and Strategy: Developing a strategic naming convention and brand strategy that resonated with Echo's ethos and the logistics industry.

  • Logo and Brand Design: Crafting a visually appealing and functional brand design for EchoDrive, aligning with Echo's existing branding yet standing out as a unique digital product.

Design and Development of Mobile and Web Applications

The final stage involved the actual creation of the EchoDrive platform:

  • Mobile App Development for iOS and Android: Building user-friendly, feature-rich native applications for drivers. This included functionalities like electronic logging, shipment tracking, and communication tools.

  • Web Application Development for Internal Tools: Developing a robust web application for Echo's customer service representatives and dispatch teams. This included creating efficient user interfaces (UI) and ensuring a seamless user experience design (UXD) that aligns with the mobile applications.

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