Empowering Everyday Philanthropy: ChariPick's Journey with Eight Bit Studios to Innovate Charitable Giving

"Eight Bit Studios is hugely interactive, hugely supportive, and has a great culture with great people."

Stephen Lee



ChariPick revolutionizes charitable giving by connecting donors with a curated selection of unique and impactful charities. With a mission to stimulate habitual giving and enhance charity awareness, ChariPick serves as a bridge between passionate givers and deserving causes. For charities, it promises increased exposure and support, while offering donors a simplified, personalized way to contribute to the greater good.


ChariPick, in collaboration with Eight Bit Studios, set out to transform the landscape of charitable donations by developing a mobile platform designed to make giving both accessible and habitual. The initiative aimed to simplify the process of supporting nonprofits, thereby encouraging a culture of regular philanthropy among a broader audience. This partnership was driven by the shared goal of making daily contributions to worthy causes an effortless and meaningful part of people’s lives.


ChariPick sought Eight Bit Studios' expertise to develop a mobile platform that would facilitate small, daily donations to a diverse range of charities. The challenge was to create an engaging, easy-to-use app that would appeal to a broad audience, encouraging them to make giving a part of their daily routine.


Eight Bit Studios crafted the ChariPick Mobile Giving Platform with several key features:

  • Mobile Giving Platform: A user-friendly interface for easy signup and donation management.

  • Charity Matching and Donations: An algorithmic approach to match users with charities based on their interests, coupled with seamless donation processes.

  • Engagement and Reporting: Interactive tools for tracking donation history and seeing the impact of contributions, coupled with social sharing capabilities to encourage wider participation.

  • Volunteer Opportunities: Integration of a volunteer feature to connect users with hands-on involvement opportunities.


  • Successfully launched the ChariPick app on iOS and Android, reaching a broad user base.

  • Enabled users to contribute to a variety of causes with minimal effort, fostering a culture of regular giving.

  • Increased engagement and participation in charitable activities through a user-friendly digital solution.

  • Enhanced visibility and support for small and medium-sized charities.



Branding and Initial Strategy Development

Branding Kickoff Meeting: Quickly initiated meetings with Steve to align on ChariPick’s brand vision and strategic objectives.

Focused Strategy Sessions: Streamlined strategy sessions were conducted to understand ChariPick’s mission and audience, balancing comprehensive insights with efficient execution.

Branding and Rate Agreement: Negotiated branding requirements and rates, mindful of ChariPick’s nonprofit status and budgetary considerations.

User Experience Design and Technical Planning

Efficient UX/UI Design: Developed a user-friendly and accessible design for the platform, tailored to various user roles to ensure ease of use and engagement.

Technical Architecture Development: Outlined a technical roadmap for constructing a Rails site with administrative capabilities, frontend development, and iOS/Android web wrappers with potential custom menus.

Development and Integration

Web and Mobile Application Development: Dedicated to creating robust and scalable web and mobile platforms for a seamless user experience.

Payment and Verification API Integration: Integrated crucial APIs for payment processing (Network for Good) and nonprofit status verification (Guidestar), significantly enhancing the platform’s credibility and functionality.

Launch Prep and Iterative Improvement

Pre-Launch Activities: Implemented rapid development cycles with continuous feedback from Steve, ensuring the platform aligned with ChariPick’s goals and user expectations.

Post-Launch Enhancements: Developed a strategy for ongoing enhancements and iterative improvements based on user engagement and feedback post-launch.

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