Turning a New Page: ACCO's Leap into Digital Notebook Apps with Eight Bit Studios.

“The Five Star Study App is a great way to merge paper and digital note taking. Proud to have worked on this project and excited for where we go next.”

Juli Hallas

Senior Manager Global Product Development - Digital Innovation at ACCO Brands


ACCO Brands Corporation, a leader in educational and office supplies, sought to enhance its digital offerings in the realm of student planning and time management tools.


There's limited research on students' planning habits. The new feature set will focus on planning and time management, separate from note-taking functionalities, but will be included in the same application.


Enhance the Student Planner product by integrating it with app functionality. This integration aims to complement how students plan their time.


Eight Bit Studios employed a comprehensive approach to enhance ACCO's app, successfully integrating new features that improved both functionality and user experience. Key deliverables from this collaboration included:

  • Research Screeners and Discussion Guides

  • Consolidated Research Findings

  • Feature Prioritization and Recommendations

  • Visual Concept Designs for key features


ACCO successfully integrated Eight Bit Studios' recommendations and concepts into their app, leading to an improved product that better met the needs of students. This collaboration enhanced the app's usability and functionality, contributing to ACCO's success in the digital space of student planning tools.



Discovery & Ideation

Discovery and Ideation Sessions for Note Capturing Mobile App: Collaborative workshops with ACCO stakeholders led to the creation of new concepts, including a flashcard feature for the app.

  • Ideate and select 2 - 3 key features for this solution that meet the needs of the user (solves a pain point or capitalizes on an opportunity) and meet the business goals of this initiative.

  • Create some early visual concepts of those key features for ACCO to socialize.

  • And of course, to garner engagement and spark enthusiasm.


Extensive research to understand student planning habits, leading to the development of new concepts for the Student Planner app. This included:

  • Partnering with a 3rd party for research recruitment

  • Conducting 1:1 Zoom Interviews with students

  • Presenting findings and leading a feature prioritization workshop with ACCO stakeholders.

Product & Feature Enhancement

Collaborate with the Eight Bit Studios team to further explore users' pain points and opportunities for Student Planning, develop provisional personas and ideate on prioritized Student Planner app features that were outcomes of Feature Prioritization sessions.

  • Focusing on 2-3 features, Eight Bit will design 3 key screens to visualize the functionality and flow of the Student Planner app feature.

  • Design Concepting assumes we will leverage existing app design patterns and styles as a foundation for all concepts.

Ready to embark on an epic app quest