Charting Educational Success: How Eight Bit Studios Empowered EdNavigator to Connect Families and Navigators for personalized Learning Journeys

"We aren’t planning to stop innovating any time soon. This year, we’re upgrading our mobile app, the technology platform that enables families and Navigators to communicate securely, track goals, and get helpful tips and reminders."

David Keeling

Chief Communications Officer - EdNavigator


EdNavigator is a non-profit organization that partners with employers, leading hospitals, and pediatric clinics to provide personalized, high-impact educational support to children and families facing school-related challenges.


No matter their background or income, children with engaged families and support systems are more likely to attend school, attain higher grades, develop better social skills, graduate from high school, and pursue higher education. In 2017, Ednav, a locally-based New Orleans non-profit, was doing powerful work to serve as a bridge between local families and schools. Utilizing their impressive staff of award-winning teachers, veteran school counselors, and educational pros, dubbed Navigators, EdNavigator supported a wide range of grade levels, subjects, and schools. They served as advisors, allies, and advocates for families to help keep children engaged with one-to-one support.


EdNav approached Eight Bit with a noble and challenging ask: create a digital platform that allows education specialists and the communities they serve to track progress, communicate with each other, and share resources as they navigate the education system.


A custom-branded mobile and web app experience that enabled Navigators and families to contribute to the support, growth, and improved educational experience of school-aged children. Initially a regionally supported product, Eight Bit eventually re-designed and developed the app to expand to EdNav’s national audience. Equipt with a Member and Navigator dashboard, the app features report card review, downloads, chat, task/goal management, meeting recaps, health reports, goals, FERPA renewal, and other system-generated reminders allowing Navigator’s educational specialist and the communities they serve the ability to easily navigate the education system more efficiently.


  • Expanded to 3 cities and two corporate partnerships (Wayfair and Toast).

  • Scaled by 1500%, one Navigator serves up to 100 families.

  • Ensured FERPA compliance, with Eight Bit immersed in policy and technical aspects.

  • Met HIPPA, banking, and logistics compliance standards for clients.

  • 82 Net Promoter Score form Members.




Research-Driven Strategy: Thorough and engaging Navigator and user interviews coupled with extensive interactive focus groups to dig into business needs and required features

Engaging Design Workshops: Creative and vision-driven workshops aimed at bringing EdNavigator's design vision to life. Face-to-face conversation and focused creative sessions allow for exchanging views and experiences, validating and conceptualizing ideas.


Data-Driven Development: Well-defined benchmarks aligned with product goals and objectives provide greater visibility into feature development, enhancements, and in-progress work

• Improved decision-making: By leveraging data, organizations can make informed, data-driven decisions, leading to better outcomes.

• Enhanced data quality and consistency: Data governance practices ensure data integrity and consistency throughout the organization.

• Increased operational efficiency: By integrating data across systems, organizations can streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, and improve efficiency.

End-To-End Testing: Thorough testing of the complete application, decreases the time and costs spent on testing and ensures that application dependencies work correctly and cohabit without issues, including third-party codes

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