The UX Force Awakens: Carolyn Chandler and Russ Unger Strike Back with a New Edition

Jan 22, 2024


Steve Polacek

Navigate the evolving universe of UX design with Carolyn and Russ's newly updated guide for designers at every level.

A new hope for aspiring UX designers has emerged. Carolyn Chandler, our esteemed Director of Experience Design, in collaboration with Russ Unger, has crafted the 3rd edition of A Project Guide to UX Design.

This is more than just a book; it's a beacon of understanding in the complex and multifaceted world of user experience. Carolyn and Russ have thoughtfully updated updated their guide to reflect the latest trends and challenges in UX design. his edition is a significant step forward, providing updated perspectives and practical methodologies for today's designer.

What’s Inside the New Edition?

  • Expanded Roles in UX: Explore the evolving roles of product management, service design, and UX writing.

  • Operational Foundations: Understand the importance of DesignOps, ResearchOps, and ContentOps in the UX process.

  • Remote Research Techniques: Learn remote methods to connect with users globally, adapting to modern digital interaction.

  • Data-Driven Design Insights: Utilize analytics and user feedback to shape design decisions.

  • Overview of Product Strategy: Gain an understanding of Jobs to Be Done and user story mapping as tools for product definition.

  • Inclusivity in Design: Discover how to create accessible and user-friendly design systems.

  • Discovery and Collaboration: Investigate chapters on discovery processes and the value of workshops and team collaboration in UX.

Celebrating the Minds Behind the Guide

Carolyn Chandler, a user experience strategist, has been leading experience design teams for over 25 years. She has developed and taught UX design classes at DePaul University, Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, and other programs aimed at creating impactful digital products. Carolyn is also the coauthor of Adventures in Experience Design.

Russ Unger, a leader in experience design, is known for building dynamic teams across various sectors such as enterprise, government, and private organizations. He is the co-author of Liftoff! Practical Design Leadership to Elevate Your Team, Your Organization, and You, A Project Guide to UX Design, Designing the Conversation, and Speaker Camp.

Embark on Your UX Journey

In this guide, you'll find a blend of theory and practical application, equipping you with both the conceptual framework and the hands-on skills necessary for success in the dynamic field of UX design.

"This new edition is a culmination of our experiences and insights in UX. We aim to empower designers to navigate the ever-changing digital terrain with confidence and creativity," says Carolyn.

For those starting or continuing their journey in UX, A Project Guide to UX Design is an essential resource, offering a broad overview of user experience principles and practices. Get your copy today on. Get your copy today on Amazon