Wanna join the baddest team in Chicago?

This is a place of leadership. This is a place of love. This is a place you will get a chance to do the best work of your career We should talk if...


  • Flexibility - flexible scheduling and vacation policy.

  • Relevance - trailblazing in the mobile/technology space.

  • Variety - working on a variety of projects and new challenges.

  • Culture – surrounding yourself with great, talented people, striving for the right balance of work, life, and fun.

  • Environment - a modern, open, loft-style office space in a desirable River North location.


  • You should love the place you work at, the people you work with, and the projects you work on.

  • Your best work can only happen in an environment where you have the support of the owners and team.

  • 40+ hour work weeks are unhealthy.

  • The way you problem solve for others is as important as the way you problem solve in your head.

  • We can put Chicago Tech on the map with Silicon Valley.

Click on any of the job titles below to apply.

King of Eight Bit

Just, like, run everything. Make every decision. It’s all you, baby.

Crocodile Wrangler

Those dang crocs are always up to something.

Ping Pong Coach

Ping pong is the lifeblood of Eight Bit. Ensuring our staff are the best players in the city is the only way to assert our dominance in the Chicago tech space.

Don Bora

We’re always looking for a new Don Bora to replace our current one. Could it be you????!!?

Official Team Yes-Man

Just agree with everything we say and make us feel good about or decisions, even if they’re terrible.