Let’s Keep It Real

Real People.

We’re a smart, rowdy, byte-sized group of pixel-slingers from the midwest. No Egos, A-holes, or BS. If you're looking for passive execution from a robotic team, we're not for you. 

Real Challenges.

Software can be messy and unpredictable. Every project will have bumps in the road. It’s how people respond in those moments that define a team and a true partner. We do the right thing, especially when it’s the hard thing. That’s where authentic trust comes from and you can’t do your best work without it.

Real Conviction.

We don’t always have to agree. In fact, it’s better if we don’t. Conflicting views are a welcome and essential part of any team looking to do their best work. The key is creating an environment grounded deeply in respect, where people are encouraged to speak, free to fail, and valued as people.

Real Leadership.

We’re not a design firm, dev shop, or UX agency. We’re a studio with the perfect blend of these skills with killer project management to boot. It all starts at the top, with each of the Eight Bit Co-Founders having passion for their area of expertise. This isn't a company run by people without hands-on software experience. Everyone at Eight Bit Studios is a maker. 

Steve Polacek
Cofounder | Design

Don Bora
Cofounder | Technology

John W Ostler
Cofounder | Experience