Product Design

“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” — Uri Levin, Co-Founder of Waze.


Product Design

“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” — Uri Levin, Co-Founder of Waze.

Our Product Design Team will deliver an experience that anticipates needs, solves problems, inspires trust, acknowledges emotion and provides delight.

Our User Experience (UX) Researchers will investigate your customer’s needs, behaviors, and desires while informing their ease of use and pleasurable interaction with the product.

Research is the starting point for every project and it continues indefinitely. To do our jobs effectively, our team needs to understand and have empathy for the customer. To do that, we can use a variety of methods: Interviews, surveys, testing, persona creation, journey maps, etc.

Once user and business requirements have been gathered, the project team regroups to align the the goals and priorities — making any necessary compromises to create a shared vision for success

  • User Research - Surveys, Interviews, Competitive Analysis. 
  • Gap Analysis - Comparing a company’s actual performance to its expected performance.
  • User Persona Development - Used to define your target audiences.
  • Experience Maps - High-level map of all screens and relationships.
  • User Flows - How users will enter and move thru screens.
  • Story Boards - States of interactions or behaviors.
  • Interaction Patterns - Defining objects use and weight for components.

Our Product Designers will represent your brand by translating the its values and personality into aesthetics that can be seen, heard, touched and felt.

Product Designers get started by digesting the research, taking stock of existing brand assets, and looking for inspiration. Once everyone is aligned on the goals and requirements, it’s time to explore what’s possible. This is often done with a collaborative design sprint where the team sketches ideas, then debates which flow and visual style will be prototyped by the designer. A prototype is created and tested for validation before showcasing the results to the team. After the sprint is done and a design direction emerges, production of the product picks up as the entire product is designed and finessed.

  • Brand Boards - Visual reference to set the foundational style for design decisions.
  • Logo Design - A mark representing your product or business in its simplest form.
  • Iconography - Symbols and elements used as visual cues one an interface. 
  • UI Kits & Pattern Sheets - The completed visual design library for an app or website.
  • Brand Guidelines - Rules that explain how your brand works.
  • Prototyping - Interactive prototypes for reviews and testing.
  • Responsive Web Design - Design for handheld, tablet, and website formats.
  • Native Mobile Design - iOS or Android retina and standard design.
  • Native Tablet Design - iOS or Android retina and standard design.
  • Motion Design - Frame-to-frame transitions and motion graphics.
  • Startup Pitch Document - Presentations for stakeholders and investors.
  • Custom Illustration - Hand drawn and vectored
  • Character Design - Sketches, 2 rounds of revisions, vectors.