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Everything you need to take your product from 0 to gr8 — all under one roof.

They brought in their intellectual capital and helped us accomplish many things.
— UX Strategist, Allstate
Eight Bit blended in right away and had no difficulty grasping what we were trying to do.
— Vice President of Product Strategy and Innovation, Echo Global Logistics
Eight Bit Studios is hugely interactive, hugely supportive, and has a great culture with great people.
— Founder, Charitable Startup

Discovery Diagnostic

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

By getting in a room with our team, we will bring to light your objectives and the challenges ahead. We start to break it all down into smaller bits to find awesome opportunities while identifying goals, desired outcomes and a shared product vision. Discovery is primarily workshop-based, but we often use elements of Design, UX and Technology to move things along. Let’s see what’s possible when we put our heads together.



What problem are we solving? Who will be our users/customers? What are the key features and benefits? Is this feasible and what are the risks? Who are our competitors? What do we need to learn? What assumptions need to be tested?


Business Model Canvas Generation Stakeholder Interviews Documenting Biz Problems / User Needs Competitive / Comparative Analysis Product Vision Scoping and Risk Assessment Startup Pitch Documentation Resource Allocation Conceptual Design

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Technical Advisory

Timeline: 2-4 weeks

The tech landscape is always changing and sound advice can be hard to come by. It’s important to seek out different perspectives to inform your technical decisions. We offer guidance on all software matters, backed by years of experience and current industry trends.


Guidance for:

Languages, Platforms and Architecture. Code audits and reviews Roadmap Planning Investor Pitching Hiring + Training Team Augmentation Implementation Best Practices


User Research + Validation

Timeline: 3-6 weeks

After the initial Discovery Diagnostic, there’s always more to learn and research in order to form a solid strategy. This is where our UX strategists dig in and uncover the insights, findings and recommendations to plot the path ahead. We take a user-centered approach that requires us to listen to the voice of the user, observe them in the context of their own environment, and learn from their feedback, insights and behaviors. User research helps to clarify a vision of a future state of a product by helping to generate a view into who our users are and what problems we need to solve. User validation allows us to test an experience to gain a user’s perspective on a products shortcomings and benefits with the goal of improving the product through analysis and iterative improvements.



What can we learn? What research methods should we use? What's the ideal solution? How many users will we need to profit? In what time frame? Is my problem big enough? Will customers pay for my product? Are we selling to the right customers?


User Validation and Insights Story Map Persona Development Monetization Strategy Product Backbone Creation Key Metrics and KPI Identification Backlog Creation and Refinement Sprint Planning


Branding + Design Systems

Timeline: 3-4 weeks

If you’re working on a new product or revamping an existing one, you’ll need a brand that embodies strong core values and positions your product properly in your market. This will be strengthened by a well-crafted design system to achieve a consistent look and feel throughout the experience.



What’s the brand story? What’s the vision and mission? What words describe the brand? What personality should the brand have? How will we test brand perception? What design choices evoke this brand?


Brand Positioning Brand Elements (Logo, Fonts, Colors) Voice and Tone Brand Guidelines Design Systems (Iconography, UI Kits & Pattern Sheets) Design System Documentation


Agile Design + Development

With a clear vision, research-backed strategy and branding in place, our team can be fully unleashed to bring this software product to market. Using an agile approach to design, development and quality assurance, we break down features and tasks into iterative sprints that line up with our release strategy.


Sprint Planning Release Planning Story/Ticket Writing Story Map Development


Product Design

Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Working collaboratively, our team tackles each sprint bit x bit, solving for every feature by hitting the whiteboards, creating clickable prototypes and gathering feedback from users and stakeholders. We want to create the most engaging and effective experience for the people who will be using your product.



High Fidelity Designs Clickable Prototypes Animation Concepts Interaction Design (IA, annotations, flows) Visual Design Responsive Web Design Native Mobile Design Native Tablet Design Motion Design Copywriting Content Production (Videos, articles) Custom Illustration 3D modeling and Character Design Animation and Micro-Interaction


Engineering + QA Testing + Deployment

Timeline: 2+ months

The challenge of getting apps to look and function consistently across operating systems and devices is not for the faint of heart. That’s why hiring the right team is so important. We take pride in our craft and are conscientious when it comes to code quality and thorough testing. There is no such thing as bug-free code, but with the right checks and balances, our team is able to navigate the complexity of building apps in today’s fast-paced mobile environment.



Native App Development Back-End Development Front-End Development APIs Machine learning IoT Beacons Voice UI VR/AR/XR Ecommerce Integrations galore QA


Maintenance + Support


Live software needs to be managed, maintained and supported. We will work with you to put together the right approach and team to meet your needs. This would typically include a maintenance plan and service-level agreement for monitoring and responding to issues as well as ongoing product management for evolving the product through future updates. We can also transfer the assets, documentation and knowledge to your in house team to take on these responsibilities.



System Monitoring iOS/Android update preparation Metrics Tracking + Reporting A/B Test Setup Product + Release User Feedback Product + Release Client Feedback Continuous Improvement