Every new project, release, or phase begins with the entire team and stakeholders coming together to discuss the problem to be solved

Start with Why.

If we don’t care, no one else will. Let’s get clear on why we’re personally excited to embark on this journey.

Vitamins vs Painkillers.

Vitamins are "nice to have." Not "need to have." But try walking a mile with a rock in your shoe. It hurts! You’re going to be looking for a fix every step of the way. Let’s strive to understand and solve for people’s source of pain — the main problem we intend to solve. Is it a problem people care about? What’s the most important aspect?

Identify the Mission and Audience.

What’s our mission and who is our ideal user? Are there enough people who have this problem? Are we solving the problem for this market?


  • Kickoff Deck
  • Rough Project Schedule
  • Setup Weekly Check-ins
  • Persona Development
  • Inspiration Gallery
  • Content Audit
  • Stakeholder/User interviews

Think Ahead: Investigate

We’re about to dig into more research, so gather up any relevant documents, data, and analytics you have.