GrowIt! is the only social app that helps you find plants for your lifestyle and connect with other gardeners in your area!

What Retailers Want

GrowIt! also supplies Plant Retailers with the data that they need. For the first time, we will have data available that identifies consumer plant preferences like never before. Data like this can make retailers exponentially more efficient. They know who their customers are. GrowIt! can finally tell them what their customers like.

What Consumers Need

If you know where you want to plant something and what color you want, GrowIt! can help you out.

In the past, it could take hours to find and understand information on plants that would work well in a given area, or people resorted to trial and error with plants, taking a gamble with their money. Now, people can search for plants on GrowIt! by color, light, etc., and see what a plant has been rated by people nearby.

How GrowIt! solves this

GrowIt! is different from gardening apps in that it is the first app to allow users to rate plants. These ratings are the lifeblood of GrowIt! Plants are an extremely local thing. Flowers that look great in a landscape in Texas are probably not going to look great on a windowsill in Seattle.

GrowIt! uses geolocation to ensure users see only flowers, vegetables, and herbs that have been grown locally and rated by your peers. This will help the next generation gardener make better decisions, so that their first gardening experience is a success.