The Technology

Storage, User Accounts, and Privacy

GrowIt! began as an iOS application distributed through Apple’s App Store utilizing for storage and persistence mechanism. We used the API and iOS framework provided by as a means of data delivery to the Parse data stores. Adhering to the Parse terms, the GrowIt! work was protected by the privacy policies set forth by GrowIt! allowed for user accounts and Facebook authentication. We are able to leverage the security built in to both the authentication process as well as both the and native iOS Facebook integration points.

As we migrated our client off of Parse to a custom Ruby on Rails solution, our backend team developed a suite of APIs and a database schema to ensure the data was protected. Working with our hosting provider, taking this client to the next level of their product required one-way encrypted passwords as well as SSL certification to ensure API payload is secure for some common attacks.  As the client needs grow, we will explore more robust privacy solutions. As products grow, the need for thoughtful security and privacy plans becomes more and more important.