The Experience

Utilizing geolocation, the GrowIt! app connects you with growers in your region, so you can learn and explore what grows in your area. 


Discover the right plants for your garden. Sort plants by color, light needs, and plant type! GrowIt! includes all plants, not just one brand. 

Rate Plants

GrowIt! is the only app that allows you to rate plant pictures locally. By giving a picture a “Leave It”, “Like It”, or “Grow It” you can finally voice your opinion on specific plants.

Upload Pics

Upload pictures of your favorite plants to show your neighbors how great they look, or upload a picture of one of your least favorite to warn people!


Follow other users for gardening inspiration and ideas that work well in your area. See photos and comments of gardeners in the same area using geolocation technology.



Use the comment field to ask users for help, or simply to compliment their plants!


Help fellow growers by suggesting a name to identify the plant. Become the plant genius in your area!!! Plants that need suggestions will have a "Help Identify" tag on them.