Face-to-Face Race

iOS to iOS racing game

Some of the guys at the studio decided maybe we should try some of this bluetooth to bluetooth gamekit work. Hence, Face-to-Face Race was born. Use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch as a stage for the candidates, then use other devices to cast ballots from one screen to the other using WI-FI or Bluetooth. No other time will you get the chance to legally cast so many ballots for one candidate!

Why wait for the next set of polls when you can decide the election right now? Whether you're voting for Obama - Biden or Romney - Ryan, this multiplayer game let's you race your friends by casting ballots into the mouths of the U.S. Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates! Connect up to 5 iOS devices and angle/tilt your device to aim! The first candidate to get enough votes to pop their balloon wins! 

Finally, Democrats and Republicans can meet in a bipartisan election game that's fun for all ages!