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Still Need Help With The FOIL Method - Meet Wowzers - Pioneers of Personalized Learning

Today's interview is with Andrew Howard, Co-Founder and Sara Trice, Lead Developer, Wowzers. Wowzers is a complete cloud-based solution for 3-8th grade math studies.  The Wowzers platform gives teachers a platform to help them curate learning for a student and spend less time grading papers and creating worksheets.  The platform provides students with creative and immersive ways to understand math concepts at a level customized to the students abilities.  


A Nun & Priest Birth The Future of Learning - Bytes Over Bagels Presents The Story of David Vinca, Founder eSpark Learning

Interview with David Vinca, CEO and Founder, and Luke Shepard, CTO, of eSpark Learning. eSpark Learning is harnessing the power of educational 3rd party apps to build a platform for customized learning experiences in the classroom. David puts the "minimum" in Minimum Viable Product, explaining how he first tested his idea using a paper version of his app and  graduated to Powerpoint and finally what is today, eSpark Learning. Alongside him in this interview is Luke Shepard, a past Facebook Developer, and an iterative machine (they push every single frickin' day).

Interview with our very own Don Bora, Lead iOS instructor and Co-Founder of Mobile Makers Academy and Eight Bit Studios CoFounder and Principal of Technology

EDUCAUSE asks: "Are mobile devices fundamentally affecting higher education?"

Answers from:
David Lowe, University of Connecticut
Clement Guthro, Colby College
Jaime Combariza, Dartmouth College
Kim Nakano, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Shawn Platt, Roger Williams University
Terri-Lynn Thayer, Brown University
Dave Wedaman, Brandeis University
Steve Fleagle, University of Iowa
Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information