EdTech Benefits

Technology is a critical part of learning and teaching in today’s classrooms,” commented Alicia Levi, PBS Education. “Teachers today need access to high-quality digital content to keep pace with schools’ investment in interactive whiteboards, tablets and other devices to maximize the educational benefits of technology in classrooms.

Classroom Benefits

The majority of teachers link educational technology to benefits allowing them to:

  • 74% - Demonstrate something I can’t show in any other way

  • 74% - Motivate students to learn

  • 73% - Respond to a variety of learning

  • 69% - “Do much more than ever before” for my students

  • 65% - Demonstrate something I can’t show in any other way

SOURCE: A National survey conducted by PBS Learning, that polled pre-K-12 US teachers on their technology practices in classrooms.

Business Benefits

Organizations with a strong learning culture significantly outperform their peers:


  • 46% more likely to be first to market

  • 37% greater employee productivity

  • 34% better response to customer needs 

  • 26% greater ability to deliver “quality products” 

  • 58% more prepared to meet future demand 

  • 17% more likely to be market share leader

SOURCE: Bersin J. (2012). Building the Borderless and Agile Workplace, Bersin & Associates (2012).