A studio of collaborators

If you're looking for passive execution from a robotic team, you’ve come to the wrong place. We have spent the last 6 years refining our process for dynamic, meaningful collaboration with a team that is well balanced, communicates, and translates your vision into the best it can be.

We started Eight Bit to facilitate meaningful collaborations among the best artists and technicians in their field, with the best entrepreneurs and marketers in the world. We do not believe that great work and success comes from hiring an experienced individual. We believe that hiring the most collaborative individuals who understand the interdependence of their contributions, create the best work and the most successful products. Our understanding and need to collaborate extends into the work we do with others. An uninformed UX, Design, or Technology decision is a waste of time, talent, and resources. We have worked on our recipe for the past 6 years and continue to refine it every day in the way we create, communicate, behave, and function.


User Experience

Who is your customer? What do they expect of your experience? What is their journey? We work with you to help you answer the questions that make effective design and development decisions possible.

Research, Flows, Architecture, more 



The world now cares about great design. In fact, great design can be the catalyst for user engagement, loyalty, and willingness to share your brand. We insure that your product doesn't miss this critical opportunity.

Branding, Mobile, Web, more 



Your customers will never see great development because they don't care, they just want it to work! We go the extra mile to insure both you and your customers don't notice just how good your source code is.

HTML5, iOS, Android, Rails, more