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The future of HR tech — an interview with SitteryCity.com’s VP of Talent, Kelli Koschmann and Motivosity’s Jared Olsen on Season 2, Episode 3 of Bytes Over Bagels.


Leaders in the field of People Operations join us as we explore how the realm of Human Resources has evolved to rise to the needs of new generations, to leverage new technology, and to keep the field innovative.

Kelli Koschmann, VP of Talent at SitterCity, shares her popular process for improving company culture through effective feedback tools and proper follow-through.

Jared Olsen, an entrepreneur in the HR space and currently at Motivosity, helps us understand the evolution of People Operations from a compliance-focused department to a whole-person-focused support system.

Our very own Samantha Strube, People and Operations Manager, joins us throughout to share her trajectory and insight to the ever changing role of managing people.

Struggling to gather, wrangle, or share your own People Ops data? Or want to build a system to help your business do People Ops better? Let’s chat or info@eightbitstudios.com

John Ostler