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Diversity & Inclusion - an interview with Bhakti Patel and Amanda Lannert in Season 2, Episode 2 of Bytes Over Bagels

Eight Bit Studio’s morning podcast: Bytes Over Bagels is back with another episode for season 2!

Podcast: Listen here

We cover Diversity and Inclusion with interviews from, Bhakti Patel, 3D Artist at Facebook who did work on Marvel’s Black Panther among others, and Amanda Lannert, CEO at Jellyvision here in Chicago.

In the latest segment of “Marry Mary” we continue to guide Mary’s life journey to find true love. Rockstar 3d designer and animator Bhakti Patel, offers insight on better inclusion at meetups to lead to more connections, advice for how design teams can add more diversity to their networks, and more.

Our feature interview is with friend of the show, Amanda Lannert. She shares her perspective on diversity and inclusion, how Jellyvision became a 50% female workforce, and how they leverage diversity and inclusion statistics to lead to employee satisfaction in the workplace.

This week's music feature is Chicago's own: Wade Andersen

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Listen to Season 1: http://bytesoverbagels.com/shows