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The Divvy Bike Team - Talkin' Growth, Tech, Safety, the Future in Chicago


This week's featured interview is with the Divvy duo, Elliot Greenberger, Deputy General Manager at Divvy, and Scott Kubly, Commissioner, Chicago Department of Transportation.

If you haven't seen Divvy bikes somewhere around the city in your peripherals...you are a hermit...and probably need to get out of the house, in general.

Divvy is the newest form of city supported public transportation that lets users pick up one of over 4,000 bikes from over 400 stations around town and drop them off at a station near their destination. There are 24 hour passes as well as annual passes, which provide access to all the bikes in 30 minute increments between stops. Elliot and Scott talk to us about expansion of Divvy, Divvy mobile apps, bike safety (including new bike lanes), and putting Divvy in the same sentence with the El or Bus when you are trying to figure out how to arrive at point B.

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