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Let Engineers Lead and Own Product Design - The Success of CTO, Craig Ulliott and Belly.


This week's featured interview is with Craig Ulliott, CTO, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Belly, the World's best and most entertaining loyalty program (or "experiential rewards" in Craig's words).

Belly basically rewards you for being a good customer, but the way you go about getting these rewards is anything but the old tired punchcard.  Craig talks us through the grinding long hours and continuous iterations that took Belly from an idea to a recent round of VC funding to the tune of $10 million. Part of the magic is in letting Engineers lead AND own Product design. Craig is also a pretty good cook who makes a mean spaghetti (better than Logan Lahives meatballs) and he lives in a "bat cave" steps from the front door of Belly.

Listen to Episode 3o at http://bytesoverbagels.com or thru iTunes Podcast

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