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Carve a Pumpkin with Your Neighbors Electric Carving Knife - w/Spare to Share - a Hyper-Local Sharing Network


This week's featured interview is with Greg Jaros, Founder and Gint Rudis, Co-Founder of Spare to Share.

Spare to Share is a hyper local-sharing platform on web and mobile for things you own or things you need.

When they say "hyper local" sharing they mean building a sharing community in your condo building or office building to allow you to share and borrow things you need occasionally but wouldn't necessarily buy - like a chainsaw.

Greg and Gint built this platform to solve their own problem of buying too many one-time use products. They quickly realized that the best way to scale the platform was using hyper-local networks to leverage the pre-existing trust of those people that live and work in your building.

They are continuously iterating on the product and recently released a feature that lets you send in a photo of a shelf of products and their Spare to Share "elves" will identify and add your products to your personal inventory to share out to your neighbors. Their goal is to make it easy and not let the technology get in the way of the sharing.

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John Ostler