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Bootstrappin' in America's host and CEO of TastyTrade, Tom Sosnoff Built an Empire on "Good Will"


This week's featured interview is with Tom Sosnoff, Founder of TastyTrade.

Tastytrade is a live video-based Financial "Network" (like CNN Money but not at all - these guys actually can help you invest).  Five days a week Tom and his entourage host a number of different Finance and Investor shows, including Bootstrapping in America, which has featured a number of Chicago Tech Startups. Aside from great Finance content, TastyTrade operates as a finance agency that helps thousands of customers build their wealth. Some of you may know Tom from his old days as the CEO and Founder of ThinkorSwim.com - a tech based investment agency that Tom sold 3 TIMES for $750M (last sold to TD Ameritrade). Or if you've really been around awhile you've seen him laying on the floor of the CBOE passed out at 3am fresh of a private jet from Vegas, living the dream, and waiting for the markets to open.

Listen to Episode 29 at http://bytesoverbagels.com or thru iTunes Podcast

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