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Remember Tamagotchi? Well then, how about Santa Gotchi? New free iOS game released today!


Do you guys remember those little keychain Tamagotchi characters? The ones you had to feed and give medicine to and take care of to grow? YES! Awesome!

I'm happy to tell you that today, Eight Bit Studios is helping bing it back with our new free game, "8bit Santa Gotchi". That's right. This is the first time you'll get a chance to take care of Santa in preparation for his big night on December 25th! Check out the screen shots and more on iTunes.

The bonus is, the app is flippin' free.
Download 8bit Santa Gotchi on the iTunes App Store

Official App Description:

Help 8bit Santa Claus Gotchi deliver as many packages as possible by Christmas Day! Check his list twice to see who's been nice or not nice. Give the children a present or coal based on their good or bad behavior. Correct answers help Santa deliver more gifts on Christmas! Take good care of Santa by giving him milk and cookies along the way, but NOT TOO MUCH! 

The game starts when you start the app. It ends on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2013!

Happy Holiday's and a Happy New Year to all you Chicago tech-a-roos -from all of us at Eight Bit Studios!

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