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DePaul Uni, MacArthur Foundation, and Mozilla team up to create HiveLearning.org

When DePaul University, The MacArthur Foundation, and Mozilla pull together to help change the way children learn, you know something special is about to happen.

The Hive Learning Network was created to be a community of civic and cultural institutions (starting in Chicago and New York) dedicated to transforming the learning landscape, and creating opportunities for youth to explore their interests in virtual and physical spaces. Through the Hive, youth will have multiple, continuous and connected opportunities to explore their intellectual and skill-based interests.

Connected learning suggests that if we can integrate the learning settings in a youth’s life we can increase engagement and produce a generation of youth who will be persistent in their learning. Hive will demonstrate ways to connect learning experiences, so that informal, out-of-school learning is connected to formal, in-school learning, which will increase the number of diverse learning opportunities for youth.

See it in action by going to http://hivelearningnetwork.org/

Chicago's own, Eight Bit Studios was brought in to help care for and channel their vision.

We were responsible for:

  • name
  • logo
  • information architecture / user-design
  • design
  • ui development
  • bangin Ruby on Rails
  • high fives and trust falls
  • See more at EightBitStudios.com

Education reform is something our team has a deep passion for. Stay tuned for some amazing updates soon!

p.s. Chicago Rails developers... want to work on cool projects like this?  Reach out!!

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