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A website and iOS app made for the election!

Our team has been having some election-time-fun as we lead up to tomorrow's day of voting!

'Why Vs Why Vote': http://whyvswhyvote.com
'Face-to-Face Race: Election Edition': https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/face-to-face-race/id571401979?mt=8

The first is a rails site we just launched on heroku. It allows anyone, including you, to tell the world why you're voting for Obama or Romney. We talk a lot about solving the why question first with our digital entrepreneurs. This idea of "starting with why" really gained traction by a technologist and marketer by the name of Simon Sinek. He has a website called appropriately,http://startwithwhy.com.  So we thought, THIS should also be the central focus of your voting decision and here's a chance to see why others are voting for the candidates.

Why Im voting for Obama vs Why Im voting for Romne.png

The second is a completely over-engineered iOS app called 'Face-to-Face Race'.  It's our teams first attempt at a multi-device game.  This is where you can connect up to 5 devices via bluetooth or wi-fi and send data between them.  

The game is structured like a carnival racing game, but instead of water you're shooting ballots. Instead of clowns or targets, you're casting them into one of the four candidates mouths.  The first one to blow up their balloon enough to pop it, wins!

You can setup the iPhone or iPad as just a stage and race your friends that way, or you can just race on your device.  It uses the accelerometer for casting and a nice little particle similator for the ballots.


Oh, and it's FREE

Thanks for checking them out! Hopefully you have as much fun playing with them as we had creating them! Check out some of the other mobile app development Eight Bit Studios is up to.

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