Taking into account the latest research and recommendations, the team and stakeholders regroup to confirm alignment around project goals and priorities.

Get on the Same Page.

A team is made up of individuals — individuals with their own perspectives, beliefs and agendas. One of the most common mistakes teams make is thinking that everyone is magically on the same page, when that couldn't be farther from the truth. Better to err on the side of over-communication and ultra-clarification to make sure that everyone understands and can articulate the project mission and goals. Get it all down on paper for future reference.

Define Success.

What does success look like? Now is a great time to talk about success metrics. Check out Kerry Rodden’s HEART framework as a starting point.



  • Project Brief
  • Product Mission Statement
  • Audience Definition
  • Use Case Definition
  • Success Metrics Summary
  • Early requirements gathering

Think Ahead: Ideate

The sooner we can get something clickable, the better. Solicit feedback regularly and consistently.